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Richard Kendall is a cinematographer and Photographer from Melbourne, Australia, with over 15 years of global experience creating stunning imagery for commercials, films, and print media. He is worked significantly within the China and US markets on hundreds of projects in countries such as UK, USA, China, Japan, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, India, New Zealand, Lebanon, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia,

His artistry lies in his ability to combine various forms of artistic expression, to create works that are both visually captivating and emotionally powerful.

He specializes in car commercials, and studio lighting large sets, having extensive experience working dynamically with various tracking vehicles, techno cranes, and VFX/Live action shoots.


Richard is a proud member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) and has won multiple ACS awards for his exceptional cinematography work.


He has worked with renowned directors such as Norman Bates, Eli Sverglov, David Holm, Salomon Ligthelm, Roy Chow, Sunny Luk, SNG Tong Beng, Jolyon Watkins, Michael Lee, Timothy Saccenti, 王砺珉, Sammo Hung, Andrea Matt, and Scott Speer, among many others.

He has worked with famous actors such as Louis Koo, 古天樂Eddie Peng 彭于晏, Li Xian 李李现, JJ Lin 林林俊杰, Qingxiang Wang 王庆祥 & 王劲松 Wang Jinsong.


Richard is also a co-founder of Splice Boys, a bullet-time cinema effects company.

His impressive work in bullet-time cinematography effects can be seen in movies like Rise of the Legend and Dynasty Warriors.


In summary, Richard Kendall is a highly skilled and accomplished cinematographer with a wealth of experience in creating bold and beautiful imagery for commercials, films, and photography.


He has worked with a diverse range of talented directors and actors, and his work has been recognized with numerous awards.

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