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Clear communication is critical on a virtual set, our aim is to make working remotely as seamless as possible, without spending all your productions budget. 
We stream HD footage from your set from multiple devices, Cinema Cameras, Ipad’s and set surveillance cameras. 


  The footage is pushed out simultaneously to two streams via a playback system.  


  •   Stream 1, feeds onset cameras onto a interactive video conferencing system, that allows you to see an ‘Instant’ video link. 
    Simultaneously allowing remote communication, (CHAT, VOICE, DOCUMENT)  between the set and remote audiences. 
    Separate breakout rooms can be created, Including lots of neat tools for working remotely. All while conveniently watching the CINEMA camera output from your remote set.


  • Stream 2, is a Higher resolution HD stream going directly to an unlisted
    You-Tube link. This is simply a high quality split from the cinema cameras. 

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  • A virtual village stream of production sets for remote Direction or Supervision.

  • Minimize crew onset & keep the agency and clients isolated. 

  • HD streaming to remote devices

  • LOW latency delay

  • Stream and playback from all digital cameras including ARRI and Red.

  • Up to 4 cameras on broadcast

  • Private Link

  • Integrated communication and chat system

  • Set surveillance camera 

  • Outdoor locations - battery powered 

  • Stream to 50 devices locally or remotely

  • Technician

  • Portable Trolly

  • Streaming Console Switch

  • Computer

  • SDI-HDMI Converter + Cables

  • Location Surveillance Camera + Tripod

  • Mic & XLR Sound cable adaptor.

  • External Monitor

  • 4g mobile broadband modem

  • On demand Playback

  • ipad

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P: 0448880215




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