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Australia's first car commercial, produced entirely on a Virtual Production LED stage with real-time 3D background content, optically camera tracked in every shot!. we're employing state-of-the-art technology, featuring expansive LED screens to create a dynamic backdrop and real-time dynamic 3D lighting. As we maneuver the camera, the on-screen 3D environment intelligently adapts its scale and orientation to flawlessly align with the camera’s perspective.

This seamless integration is powered by the Unreal Engine, a premier tool for real-time 3D creation, ensuring that every frame captured by our digital cinema camera is visually stunning and perfectly synchronized.

To guarantee the camera's movements are precisely matched with the virtual environment, we utilize advanced optical tracking within a meticulously defined space, achieving a realistic dimensional parallax effect. Furthermore, we're pioneering innovative digital lighting strategies inside this space, specifically designed to highlight the Audi's features, showcasing its design and craftsmanship under the most flattering light.

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