SPLICE BOYS - Visual Engineering and Bullet-time Imaging 


Richard specialises in professional camera array effects for cinema and advertising.


Richard and Tom Brandon operate a state of the art multi-camera rig with an emphasis on spatial time bending, motion blur, events activations and 3D light sculpting, he produces smooth, sharp visual effects ideal for modern film and advertising production.

The rig or multi camera array, is made up of 100 DSLR cameras that can fire either in sync or progressively to make a video sequence.

A custom developed triggering system controls speed and motion while variables in distance, shape and light are managed by an expert production team.

Richard has a solid background in fine art and scientific photography, film and online marketing, media-savvy creative team bring an innovative approach to experimental motion capture.

The array effect works almost entirely in camera, with an extensive rig set-up, painstaking planning, Richard hascan-do approach to challenging location shoots and ambitious briefs.

Fusing experimental image delay technique with a solid pop-culture aesthetic, the team is equally adept at blockbuster effects and slick advertising campaigns as experimental shorts and innovative visual pops.

TV Commercials, Spatial time bending, camera array effects, alternative motion control – the unique effects created by a multi-camera rig are ideal for advertising production. Whether in studio or on location, each shoot is customised in collaboration with the client for maximum visual impact. Instant playback speeds up production times while an experienced crew create a range of options that enable creative to teams to review each and every shot within minutes.

Collaborate // Customise // CREATE

Richard collaborates with brands to create a seamless extension of their campaign brief. Innovative visual solutions are individually tailored to ensure a powerful, engaging and unique result every time. Working closely with directors, producer and agencies, the Richard has deliver a unique engagement platform while ensuring the brief stays on message.




In 2013 the Splice Boys teamed up with Irresistible Films to create some of the most  ambitious multi-camera shots ever made. A 100 camera, 30m rig was built 10m in the air,  kung-fu and stunt specialists flew out of a 4 story building, swords flying to create a truly  unique, in-camera capture of amazing stunts. Rise of the Legend was one of the biggest  action films of 2014 in China.